Guayusa Tea and Packaging

Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) is a tree native to the Ecuadorian Amazon that indigenous people in the region have used for centuries. 

  • Guayusa has twice the number of antioxidants as green tea with the same amount of caffeine as coffee

  • Guayusa contains theobromine, a compound that reduces inflammation and blood pressure

  • It also contains saponins and polyphenolic, compounds that stimulate the immune system

We sell tea in small packets or bulk sizes
(1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg bulk size)

We provide the highest quality dehydrated Guayusa that meets Ecuadorian standards, U.S. and European organic certification standards.

*We operate under GMP standards

Carretera principal de Comuna Kichwa 24 de Mayo Orellana, Ecuador

To protect the rainforest and support the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

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Our Way

We are developing a sustainable business model in our Kichwa community to create new value for our traditional guayusa tea.